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“Table de Salon” Stamped Dusautoy
“Table de Salon” Stamped Dusautoy - Furniture Style Transition “Table de Salon” Stamped Dusautoy -
Ref : 73560
19 000 €
Period :
18th century
Artist :
Jean-Pierre Dusautoy
Medium :
Rosewood; Satinwood; Sycomore; Fruitwood
Dimensions :
l. 22.05 inch X H. 28.74 inch X P. 16.14 inch
Furniture  - “Table de Salon” Stamped Dusautoy
Galerie Delvaille

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“Table de Salon” Stamped Dusautoy

Transition Period of Louis XV and Louis XVI
Width: 56 cm (22 inches) / Height: 73 cm (28.7 inches) /
Depth: 41 cm (16 inches)

This is a very beautiful “table de salon” that has marquetry of rosewood, satinwood, sycamore, and other various natural and tinted fruitwoods. It rests on four arched legs that have marquetry on each of their sides. The pointed corners on each of the legs are plated in green wood. The legs are connected by a kidney shaped tray with a marquetry “à la reine” on both sides of the floral medallion. The tray is also lined with a gallery of openwork bronze.
The apron also has a marquetry “à la reine” and a long writing drawer that opens laterally with a silver plated metal writing kit. On the front of the apron, there is a pull-out drawer that is decorated with leather and is hidden under the main top tray.

The main top tray is oval and lined with a gallery of openwork bronze the same way the kidney shaped tray is. The decoration of the marquetry is of a geometrical pattern and it is in a double frame of rosewood and burr walnut.
The fineness of the marquetry and perfect exactness of the curves and proportions of this table is of the work of the prestigious Jean-Pierre Dusautoy (1719-1800). He became a Master in Paris on September 1, 1779.

This cabinetmaker is well known for this type of furniture in which he was most probably the inventor of. Around 1770, the revival of the neoclassical style gives marquetry a new look and restructures the curves of the Louis XV rocaille. This is one of the periods in the French 18th century where refinement and perfection was pushed to the extreme.

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