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German gilded silver beaker, 17th century

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German gilded silver beaker, 17th century

Gilded silver beaker, made in Memmingen (Bavaria, Germany) circa 1638. The body is finely matted named "Schlangenhautbecher", literally "snakeskin beaker. The upper lip is engraved with the following inscription : " A[nn]o 1638 den 4 April des Morgens zwischen 5 und 6 Uhr ist Anna Sabina Münzerin geboren worden und hat sie aus der H. Tauf gehaben Anna Beringerin" = Anno 1638 Anna Sabina Münzer is born in the morning of the 4th of April between 5 and 6 hour and Anna Bering hold her over the baptismal font". Silversmithmaster : CL Condition : excellent

Period : 17th century

Antique dealer : Antiquités Bastian

Antiquités Bastian


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