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Desert Fox - Edouard-Marcel SANDOZ (1881-1971)
Desert Fox - Edouard-Marcel SANDOZ (1881-1971) - Sculpture Style Art Déco Desert Fox - Edouard-Marcel SANDOZ (1881-1971) - Desert Fox - Edouard-Marcel SANDOZ (1881-1971) - Art Déco
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
H. 5.04 inch
Sculpture  - Desert Fox - Edouard-Marcel SANDOZ (1881-1971) 20th century - Desert Fox - Edouard-Marcel SANDOZ (1881-1971) Art Déco - Desert Fox - Edouard-Marcel SANDOZ (1881-1971)
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Desert Fox - Edouard-Marcel SANDOZ (1881-1971)

Bronze with a nuanced dark brown patina
cast by SUSSE

circa 1925
height 12,8 cm

A similar model is reproduced in "Sandoz, sculpteur figuriste et animalier", F. Marcilhac, page 365, n°602.

Biography :
Edouard Marcel Sandoz (1881-1971), son of Edouard Sandoz, founder of the chemical and then pharmaceutical company Sandoz, was a sculptor who worked in bronze, ceramics and the direct carving of stone. Born in Basel, educated in Switzerland, Edouard Marcel Sandoz worked mainly in Paris where he settled in 1908. He studied at the School of Fine Arts with Antonin Mercié and Jean-Antoine Injalbert. His motto: "In art, we must love everything, nature, science, ..." His freedom of expression was based on mastery of classical techniques, knowledge of materials, daily search for new tools, openness new areas, study and in-depth knowledge of its models. He worked various materials, marble, bronze, ceramics. The animal dominance of his sculpted work led him to give life to the French Society of Wild Animals in 1933. His commitment to the service of his fellow artists led him to preside for more than thirty years the Baron Taylor Association, to found The Work of the Children of Artists and participate in the creation of the City of Arts in Paris. His talent and merits earned him in France to be elected Member of the Academy of Fine Arts, and decorated the rank of Commander in the orders of the Legion of Honor and Arts and Letters.

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