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Snow landscape - French School of the 18th century
Snow landscape - French School of the 18th century - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XVI Snow landscape - French School of the 18th century -
Ref : 73123
Period :
18th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Gouache on paper
Dimensions :
L. 26.77 inch X l. 23.23 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Snow landscape - French School of the 18th century 18th century - Snow landscape - French School of the 18th century
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Snow landscape - French School of the 18th century

French School of the eighteenth century attributed to Jean-Baptiste Lallemand. (1716 -1803) -Marine-snow landscape

Gouache on paper of 54 cm by 44 cm
Beautiful old frame of 68 cm by 59 cm-glass protection.

Beautiful and rare winter lake landscape in the tradition of French painting of the eighteenth century initiated by Vernet then taken over by many painters including Jean-Baptiste Pillement (1728-1808) and Jean-Baptiste Lallemand, among the most famous.

Jean-Baptiste Lallemand (1716-1803)

He was born of a tailor father who did not appreciate that his son spent all his free time drawing and painting.
It was while working as a tailor in Paris that Jean-Baptiste met a person who wanted to buy four paintings to decorate his country house
The case was heard and the four seasons chosen for subject. Generously paid, this trial was for him the omen of greater success. His reputation is growing very fast.
After a stay in England, where he did good business, he returned to France to Dijon, within his family, then left for Rome in 1747 where he realized various works for the Vatican. Several cardinals, full of esteem for his talents, also employed him. He nevertheless returned to France to settle in Paris, where he was a member of the Academy of Saint-Luc in 1751. (He took part in the exhibitions of the Academy in 1751 and 1764). He exhibited at the Coliseum in 1776, the exhibition of youth, the place Dauphine in 1783 and the correspondence lounge in 1786.
His two works he did for his reception at the academy were welcomed with unanimous satisfaction. The monks of St. Martin near Autun asked him for six large paintings to decorate their refectory. These pieces, worthy of the greatest eulogy, have become, since the Revolution, the property of private individuals.
Lallemand painted all genres, but he excelled especially in landscapes and marine life. A fertile landscape painter, he sometimes made some genre scenes.
The Museum of Fine Arts in Dijon has many works including a drawing and a painting representing the castle of Montmusard.
Today, many museums exhibit his works. Paris: the Louvre and Carnavalet. Autun, Bordeaux, Dijon, Le Mans, Reims, Ypres. In Russia the Hermitage Museum ...

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