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J.Balthasar Peeters (Attributed To) 1650-1730 Walkers in front of Palace
Ref : 72831
7 800 €
Period :
17th century
Medium :
Oil of canvas, Gold Stuc Frame
Dimensions :
L. 32.68 inch X H. 22.44 inch
Galerie Éric Beaumont

Old Master painting

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J.Balthasar Peeters (Attributed To) 1650-1730 Walkers in front of Palace

Jacobus Balthasar Peeters (Attributed To)
1650 - 1730
"Walkers in front of a palace".

Flemish School 17th - 18th century
Oil on canvas.
57 cm x 83 cm
Gold Stuc Frame.

Painter of religious subjects, animated compositions, interiors of churches.
Some biographers make him pupil of Pieter Van de Velde, says Kempener; the fact is materially impossible. Kempener was born in 1503 and died in 1580.
In any case, he is quoted as apprentice in 1672-1673 and master in the Gilde in 1688-1689.
He was therefore active in Antwerp from 1675 to 1695.
He imitated Pieter Neeis. He was brother of Jan Peeters

This painting is quite representative of the painting of Jacobus Balthasar Peeters.
Large Italian palaces with all the wealth of decor and materials: marble columns, small capitals, checkerboard floors, stained glass, sculptures and moldings that can be distinguished perfectly through the play of shadows and lights that the painter masters admirably.
The perspective that strikes immediately this work is simply perfect. It is accentuated with the body of water and the trees of the bottom. It is important to note that jacobus Balthasar Peeters excels in this style of painting.
The characters as well as the dogs are treated in a delicate way and full of life.

Galerie Éric Beaumont


17th Century Oil Painting