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Teheran Wakwak - Iran 19th Century

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Teheran Wakwak - Iran 19th Century

Museum room. A tree of life, symbolizing the link between the Earth, the world of the temporal and the Sky, a world of timelessness, mysteries and myths, spreads a vigorous branch or gives birth to a multitude of flowering stems, all more exuberant and colorful | as well as its roots are firmly anchored to the ground, drawing their strength from the nourishing soil. If the first half of the inferior field is exceptional by its vegetal decoration, decorated with two birds and other animals, the upper part (the foliage of the tree) is just as extraordinary of allegorisms. symbolism and graphics. A canopy of ivory [...]

Period : 19th century

Antique dealer : Galerie Buter

Galerie Buter


Tapestry & Carpet