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Holy Anna Selbdritt
Holy Anna Selbdritt - Sculpture Style Middle age Holy Anna Selbdritt -
Ref : 71991
17 500 €
Period :
16th century
Provenance :
Swabia, southern Germany
Medium :
Dimensions :
l. 10.63 inch X H. 19.29 inch
Weight :
4.0 Kg
Sculpture  - Holy Anna Selbdritt 16th century - Holy Anna Selbdritt
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Holy Anna Selbdritt

Southern Germany Swabia, around 1520

Bass wood carved with old painting.

The appearance of the „Anna Selbdritt“ - "they are three of them" - with Saint Anne, Mary and the little Christ Child, has its origin in the Middle Ages and was very popular at this period.

St. Anne, the mother of Mary, as well as grandmother of Christ, this founded the history of salvation.

Saint Anna is shown sitting, holding on her lap in the left the little Mary, as well as in the right the Christ Child. St. Ann's Anniversary is celebrated on July 26th.

Old calk paint with original colors.

Good condition,

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