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Circle of Louis Léopold BOILLY (1761-1865)-Portrait of the Duke of Havré
Circle of Louis Léopold BOILLY (1761-1865)-Portrait of the Duke of Havré - Paintings & Drawings Style Empire
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Period :
19th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 8.66 inch X H. 6.69 inch
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Circle of Louis Léopold BOILLY (1761-1865)-Portrait of the Duke of Havré

Louis Léopold BOILLY (1761-1845), circle of

Portrait of Joseph-Anne-Maximilien de Croÿ d'Havré
Duke of Havré

Oil on canvas
22 x 17 cm

Joseph Anne Maximilien de Croÿ, Duke of Havré (Paris, 1744 - Château d'Havré, 1839) was a French soldier and politician.

His military career began at the age of sixteen as his father's camp assistant. He will succeed him at twenty years in the government of Schelestadt as colonel. At the age of twenty-three, he rose to the rank of colonel of the Flanders Regiment, then at thirty-six to brigadier of the king's armies, and finally at forty, he was appointed marshal-of-camps.

Joseph de CROŸ was elected in 1789 deputy of the nobility in the States-General by the bailiwick of Amiens and Ham. He was known as a member of the Lodge of "La Bienfaisance" during the Revolution. Hostile to reforms and revolutionary ideas, he emigrated in 1791 first to Germany then to Spain where he was entrusted with special missions for the crown by Louis XVI and later by Louis XVIII.
Returned to France under the Restoration, he will be appointed captain of the King's bodyguards, lieutenant-general in 1814 and peer of France the same year.

He married in 1762 his cousin Adelaide-Louis-Angelique-Gabrielle, princess of CROŸ-SOLRE who did not follow him during the emigration, thus facilitating the obtaining of his removal from the list of emigrants under the Consulate.

Joseph de CROŸ was appointed Knight of the Golden Fleece in 1790, Commander (1814) and Grand Cross (1816) of the Order of St. Louis, Grand Cross of the Order of Charles III of Spain and Officer of the Legion of Honor in 1823.

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