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Venetian Rococo mirror, circa 1750.
Venetian Rococo mirror, circa 1750. - Mirrors, Trumeau Style Louis XV
Ref : 71503
Period :
18th century
Provenance :
Venice, Italy
Medium :
Gilded and sculpted wood, glass
Dimensions :
l. 37.01 inch X H. 53.15 inch
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18th century Italian and Venetian furniture

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Venetian Rococo mirror, circa 1750.

Mirror in carved wood and gilded leaf, embellished with numerous inserts in green glass.

This is a very rare example in which we find this particular work, destined - according to tradition - to be reserved for supplies for the Doge.

The typology is unknown to the canonical repertoires, since there is nothing similar in the classic texts of reference, such as Morazzoni, Lévy and the Thousand Venetian Furniture.

The recent appearance on the antique market of similar mirrors, at major auction houses, made in the nineteenth century by Michelangelo Guggenheim and originally commissioned by the King for the Royal Villa of Monza together with a complete furniture, on the occasion of the visit of Emperor William II of Germany, and another pair of mirrors with the same workmanship, present at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan, represent the only terms of reference, together with an armchair currently in the Quirinal collections and another very similar one now in the Weesenstein Castle .

The photo gallery allows you to admire the fineness of the work: the green glass is covered with gold foil on the back to increase the brightness and the chromatic effect, similar to what was done for the surfaces covered with turtle.

The glassy gems are strigilated with traits perfectly consistent with the corresponding carving on the wooden portion, demonstrating a refined search for effects and a perfect coordination between the different craftsmen who contributed to the realization of the work.

A unique piece, worthy of appearing in an exceptional piece of furniture and certainly appreciated by even the most demanding collectors.

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Mirror Louis XV