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French 15th Century Burgundy Pieta, Carved Stone,

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French 15th Century Burgundy Pieta, Carved Stone,

Beautiful Pieta in Burgundy stone, XVth century, carved in round bump. The Virgin in a sitting position tenderly supports the Christ who rests on his knees. Marie leans her face slightly towards her son, tears running down her face expressing however a great sweetness. She wears a gimp and a veil that covers her long dress with broken folds. Christ is simply dressed in his peritonium. He is wearing the crown of thorns. Carved stone Polychrome Traces France, Burgundy 15th century

Period : < 16th century

Antique dealer : Gérardin et Cie

Gérardin et Cie



<   16th century
Holy carved stone, Burgundy, 15th century
<   16th century
Saint Roch

2 000 €

<   16th century
German limewood statue of St-James.Early 16th century.
<   16th century
Gilt bronze statue of a women as a Temperance.Circa 1600.