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Box representing the king of Portugal
Box representing the king of Portugal - Objects of Vertu Style Restauration - Charles X Box representing the king of Portugal -
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19th century
Objects of Vertu  - Box representing the king of Portugal
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Box representing the king of Portugal

Box brown tortoiseshell, removable cover decorated with a circular miniature depicting a character dressed in a suit of the early 19th century and bearing royal attributes: red ermine coat, scarf. Stands near him, an angel wearing a white banner, a putti presenting him with a fleur de lys, and a young woman presenting him a writing: "Contituiçao". At the rear of it, a cluster of lictors surmounted by a crowned white banner is presented. At the feet of the characters, a harpy is represented chest discovery and hair snake. At the back of the group, a military parade takes place on a mountainous background.
This is most likely John VI of Portugal (1767-1826) king of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves. This one, recognized in 1825 the independence of Brazil during the treaty of Rio de Janeiro. He remains however titular emperor of Brazil.

This work is signed by a miniature painter Stoj.

This naive and colorful work is nevertheless an extraordinary testimony of the history of Brazil.

D: 3.14 in. (8 cm) / H: 0.7 in.(2 cm)

Work of the first half of the 19th century.

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Box & Necessaire Restauration - Charles X