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Important bronze "Royalist" mortar
Important bronze "Royalist" mortar - Collectibles Style Louis XIII Important bronze "Royalist" mortar - Important bronze "Royalist" mortar - Louis XIII Antiquités - Important bronze "Royalist" mortar
Ref : 71227
Period :
17th century
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Collectibles  - Important bronze "Royalist" mortar 17th century - Important bronze "Royalist" mortar Louis XIII - Important bronze "Royalist" mortar Antiquités - Important bronze "Royalist" mortar
Kim J. Nazzi

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Important bronze "Royalist" mortar

An important and rare bronze "Royalist" mortar with frustoconical body sitting on a molded and overflowing base and flaring to form a collar in its continuity, which is decorated with angel heads. The body is adorned with 3 large medals representing King Louis XIII, Cardinal de Richelieu and François de Bassompierre, the Marquis d'Haroué, a French military and diplomat who is made marshal of France in 1622. The medals are alternated by two great round medallions with tongue-pulling horned grotesques and a cartouche with a smaller horned head.

France. 2e quarter of the 17th century.

Dimensions: height 14,5cm ; diameter (of the collar) 20cm

The mortar is in good condition, except for some fine and stable cracks, probably caused during casting.

Kim J. Nazzi

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