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Antique sherbet spoon

Réf : 71045


Antique sherbet spoon

A fine sherbet spoon with a facetted carved whalebone stem, a red coral finial and round tortoiseshell bowl, which is attached to the stem with four brass pins. This type of spoon was used by the ladies of the harem in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul for eating their favourite compotes of dried fruit known as 'hosaf' or sherbet. Turkey. 19th century. Reference: similar spoons can be found in the collection of the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul. In good condition, with some small chips around the edge of the bowl. Dimensions: length (with stand) 27cm ; length (of the spoon) 25cm Mounted on [...]

Period : 19th century

Antique dealer : Kim J. Nazzi

Kim J. Nazzi