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Cassapanca, 16th
Cassapanca, 16th - Furniture Style Renaissance Cassapanca, 16th - Cassapanca, 16th - Renaissance
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16th century
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Furniture  - Cassapanca, 16th 16th century - Cassapanca, 16th
Galerie de Crécy

French furniture of the 18th century

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Cassapanca, 16th

Cassapanca chest of drawers made of walnut and inlaid with finely carved and molded light wood with architecturally decorated fluted pilasters surmounted by Corinthian capitals, friezes with laurel wreaths and rudented cornices. It consists of a wall panel, and bench-chest opening by its middle.
Tuscan work from the 16th century

Height: 188.5 cm Length: 166.5 cm Depth: 59 cm
Very good original condition (very light use restorations)

Galerie de Crécy


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