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Cubist Landscape - A.Favory (1888-1937)
Cubist Landscape - A.Favory (1888-1937) - Paintings & Drawings Style Art Déco Cubist Landscape - A.Favory (1888-1937) -
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
André Favory (1888-1937)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
L. 31.89 inch X l. 21.26 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Cubist Landscape - A.Favory (1888-1937)
Le Chef d'oeuvre inconnu

Late 19th early 20th century painting

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Cubist Landscape - A.Favory (1888-1937)

An oil on canvas measuring 81X54 cm (without the frame) representing a Cubist landscape signed lower right circa 1914 by André Favory (1888-1937)

André Favory born in 1888 is a French painter and illustrator. He took classes at the Académie Julian where he met Jean Metzinger, André Lhote and Marie Laurencin. Favory painted in a cubist style during the early years of his career and began to exhibit his works in 1909. However, in 1914, mobilized, he left for the war. When he exhibited again in 1919, the experience of the trenches marked him deeply. His conception of art evolves, he abandons Cubism, which he criticizes for intellectualism, and begins to take an interest in portraits and naked female models depicted as extravagant bathers with voluptuous and sensual proportions.
In 1922, he made many trips, especially in Belgium where he studied the work of Pierre Paul Rubens who will exert on him a real influence. He exhibits regularly at the Paris and Brussels Salons such as the Salon des Artistes Indépendants, the Salon des Tuileries and is also a member of the Salon d'Automne. Moreover, in the 1920s, his works are exhibited in numerous galleries around the world; Paris, Brussels, London, Amsterdam, New York or Tokyo. Louis Vauxcelles, an influential critic of the time, considered him one of the masters of his generation.
He died in 1937.

Le Chef d'oeuvre inconnu

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