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Vase "Bamboo" - Ernest LEVEILLE (1841–1913)
Vase "Bamboo" - Ernest LEVEILLE (1841–1913) - Glass & Crystal Style Art nouveau Vase "Bamboo" - Ernest LEVEILLE (1841–1913) - Vase "Bamboo" - Ernest LEVEILLE (1841–1913) - Art nouveau
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Non signé
Medium :
Dimensions :
H. 7.28 inch
Glass & Crystal  - Vase "Bamboo" - Ernest LEVEILLE (1841–1913) 20th century - Vase "Bamboo" - Ernest LEVEILLE (1841–1913)
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Vase "Bamboo" - Ernest LEVEILLE (1841–1913)

Multilayer glass vase with coral color, forming a hollow, lignified stalk.

A similar smoked glass vase is reproduced in "L'’Art Nouveau, La révolution décorative", Pinacoteca Paris Exhibition 2013, Skira, N.37.

Height 18,5 cm
circa 1900

Ernest-Baptiste Léveillé (1841-1913), said Ernest Léveillé is a dealer and editor of bone China and crystals. He founded his company Léveillé in 1869 located at 74 Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, and then acquired in 1885 the house Eugène Rousseau, porcelain and crystal dealer and editor. He operated the contents of the Rousseau's studio from 1886 until 1890 under the name "Maison Rousseau et Léveillé réunies".

Léveillé created models and executed them according to very precise instructions. His cracked and engraved vases on three layers of glass earned him a gold medal. Renamed "E. Léveillé" after the death of Eugène Rousseau in 1890, the store was transferred in 1899 to 140 Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. In 1902, Ernest Léveillé joined the company Toy specialized porcelain and crystal wares, under the name "Maisons Toy et Leveillé réunies". The property was then located at 10 rue de la Paix.

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