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Regence commode stamped Delaitre

Réf : 70620


Regence commode stamped Delaitre

Commode amaranth veneer geometric pattern, opening four drawers in three rows. The slightly curved amounts are decorated with falls representing women's busts and end with small arched feet. The bronzes are lion-patterned in the center and the apron is decorated with a curly hair head ending in braids that frame the face. Among the production of furniture cabinetmaking in Paris, the dresser is among the new furniture which we find the first mentions from 1695 often referred to as the "bureau commode " and it is only from 1711 that the simple word "commode" is needed. From 1720, the decoration of copper and [...]

Period : 18th century

Antique dealer : Philippe Delpierre

Philippe Delpierre