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Joan of Arc in Domrémy - Henri Michel CHAPU (1833-1891)
Joan of Arc in Domrémy - Henri Michel CHAPU (1833-1891) - Sculpture Style Joan of Arc in Domrémy - Henri Michel CHAPU (1833-1891) - Joan of Arc in Domrémy - Henri Michel CHAPU (1833-1891) -
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Period :
19th century
Artist :
H. Chapu - F. Barbedienne
Medium :
Dimensions :
H. 22.44 inch
Sculpture  - Joan of Arc in Domrémy - Henri Michel CHAPU (1833-1891) 19th century - Joan of Arc in Domrémy - Henri Michel CHAPU (1833-1891)  - Joan of Arc in Domrémy - Henri Michel CHAPU (1833-1891)
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Joan of Arc in Domrémy - Henri Michel CHAPU (1833-1891)

Bronze with nuanced brown patina

mid 19th century
Height 57 cm

Henri Chapu (1833-1891) was a French sculptor and medalist. Student James Pradier Francisque Duret and Leon Cogniet at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, which he joined in 1849, he won successively in 1851, the second prize medal engraving and fine stone in 1853 the second great prize for sculpture and, in 1855, together with Amadeus Doublemard, the first great prize for sculpture, also called Rome prize. In 1861, the last year of his stay in Rome, he sends Mercury inventing the caduceus . Back in Paris, he moved Magenta Boulevard. Its production, very abundant, often inspired by antiquity. He received many honors and awards, and became one of the busiest sculptors of the Third Republic.

The marble representing Henri Chapu Joan of Arc in Domremy , reveals the general public.This work reveals in fact his talent to make expressions and subtle feelings and just in a perfect shell. He was promoted to Officer of the Legion of Honor in the same year. The nineteenth-century France was fascinated by the figure of Joan of Arc, historical and mythical heroine who helped the strong nationalist movement, anti-British willingly. Henri Chapu who knew subtly explore the path of a sincere and elegant naturalism does not choose to represent the virgin warrior in armor but Lorraine shepherdess hearing voices asking him to help the king to free the kingdom. Presented at the last Salon of the Second Empire in 1870, the plaster was transcribed in marble in 1872 and enjoyed considerable success:

Marble YouthCarved for the Monument to Henri Regnault erected in the courtyard of mulberry in the School of Fine Arts, is to Chapu getting the Medal of Honor in 1875. Salon is elected member of the Academy of Fine -arts in 1880. Chapu is part of the Florentine group, with Alexandre Falguière, Laurent Marqueste Antonin Mercie and Ernest Henri Dubois, and that of Caldarrosti who stayed at the villa Medici. Chapu's works adorn many Parisian buildings, including City Hall, the Opera House, the Palace of Justice or the Gare du Nord. Some funerary statues also earned him great success with that of the Duchess of Orleans, carved for the chapel of Dreux. It is Chapu the letters people Company originally commissioned a statue of Balzac.

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