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French Skeleton Clock with Full Calendar

Réf : 70472


French Skeleton Clock with Full Calendar

A French skeleton clock with calendar indicating days, symbols of days, months, seasons, mooncalendar, date, hours, minutes and seconds. The clock has a 15-day going train with pinwheel escapement. The striking train strikes on the hour and half hour. The white marble base rests on six adjustable feet and is decorated on the front with a fire-gilt bronze relief of playing putti in the style of Clodion. With an arched construction the clock stands on four white marble columns. The entire clock is lavishly decorated with blue and white enamel. The enamel is signed by the famous Joseph Coteau (1740-1812). [...]

Period : 18th century

Antique dealer : Kollenburg Antiquairs

Kollenburg Antiquairs



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