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Walnut corbel depicting a "gaper" from a pharmacy.  17th C.

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Walnut corbel depicting a "gaper" from a pharmacy. 17th C.

An architectural corbel in walnut depicting a "gaper" from a pharmacy, in the form of a Moor with a thick mustache, raised eyebrows and exaggerated ears. He is wearing a turban which is beautifully decorated with a variety of fruits (such as appels, pears, ..) and flowers. The mouth of the "gaper" is not open to yawn, but to take a medicine. The grimace of many gapers can be explained by the fact that the medicine tasted bad. The oriental or exotic origin of the gaper symbolizes the origin of the ingredients of the medicines. There was a lot of trade with countries in Asia and Africa by Western [...]

Period : 17th century

Antique dealer : Kim J. Nazzi

Kim J. Nazzi



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