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Decorative Panel of a Cottage on an Island

Réf : 70145


Decorative Panel of a Cottage on an Island

This beautiful round cedar wood panel (sugi) represents a cottage set on a rock with a pine and different vegetation. On this rock, surrounded by streams symbolized by the veins of wood, is also a bridge spanning the diverted stream to turn a paddlewheel. We can admire in the depth of the cottage, by the finesse of the sculpture, a man (samurai) sitting inside in admiration in front of this show, with sliding doors in the background, and which really slide, as well as sets pictorial. The set is made of antler horn (deer horn). It is rare to see such a magnificent work of carving, sculpture and amazing realism [...]

Period : 19th century

Antique dealer : Galerie Tora Tori

Galerie Tora Tori


Asian Art & Antiques