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Alfred Renaudin (1866-1944) - Gerbeviller August 1914

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Alfred Renaudin (1866-1944) - Gerbeviller August 1914

Very beautiful painting by Alfred Renaudin (1866-1944). Lorraine landscape painter. Here, the village of Gerbeviller after the bombings of August 1914. Signed and dated 1915. As usual, the main subject (the bombed village) is placed in the background of the painting. Reflections on the stream: the Mortagne are particularly well treated, as well as the foreground, with graves of soldiers he did not fail to decorate with flowering plantations, the flowers being an element all in fact recurring in his work. Beautiful golden frame in good condition. Good condition of the table, was cleaned and stretched on [...]

Period : 20th century

Antique dealer : Galerie Vaudemont

Galerie Vaudemont


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