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Glass goblet.  Merovingian.  5th-7th century.  With provenance.

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Glass goblet. Merovingian. 5th-7th century. With provenance.

An important glass goblet of green color, with a convex base, a slightly bent edge and a funnel-shaped body. On the side there is still a glass wire to be seen, which was not a decoration but a production error of the glassblower at the time. Merovingian. 5th-7th century A.D. Condition: the goblet is in a beautiful condition with a slight iridiscence to the inside Dimensions: height 11,6cm ; diameter 7,5cm Provenance : Found in the Lyon region; after in an old Lyon collection; subsequently published on two occasions by "La Reine Margot" in Paris in their catalog "Myths & Legends 40" [...]

Period : < 16th century

Antique dealer : Kim J. Nazzi

Kim J. Nazzi


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