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Large Faience Dish of Nevers "René Tenié"

Réf : 69277


Large Faience Dish of Nevers "René Tenié"

Large faience dish of Nevers with polychrome decoration said "Pont de Loire", representing in the center a deep-sea ship with three masts carrying two red white blue flags with number of sailors in the shrouds. At the bottom, a bridge of Loire (Nevers?) In stone with ten arches on which there are many onlookers near a lantern. In the foreground a train of boats of seven boats attached to each other including four gabars of the Loire, the square sails raised with tricolor flag, the last boats carrying sailors and barrels. Near the bridge a dozen boats in motion. The bowl bears the name of the sponsor [...]

Period : 18th century

Antique dealer : JM Béalu & Fils

JM Béalu & Fils


Porcelain & Faience