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Female bust, Erastus D. Palmer (1853)
Female bust, Erastus D. Palmer (1853) - Sculpture Style
Ref : 69135
18 000 €
Period :
19th century
Artist :
Signé et daté « E.D.PALMER SC 53 »
Medium :
Dimensions :
H. 20.67 inch
Galerie Trebosc + van Lelyveld

European Sculpture

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Female bust, Erastus D. Palmer (1853)

This work is characteristic of Palmer with the use of the toga, the neutral expression of the face, the hairstyle in a bun and the serenity of the whole.
Palmer realized his busts with this double term: concern for idealization but also for resemblance.

In these autograph notes, Palmer makes two busts of women in those years: Miss Appleton (No. 125) and Elizabeth Waterman Morgan (No. 124). Even if the dates do not correspond exactly, this does not exclude this hypothesis because Palmer was able to indicate in these notes the date of the order.

Our bust is conceived with the column which testifies to the prestige of the portraitured woman and the command, this concern of staging indicates an important social status.

Signed and dated "E.D.PALMER SC 53"

Galerie Trebosc + van Lelyveld


Marble Sculpture