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Joan of Arc child, François-Joseph Bosio (after 1825)
Joan of Arc child, François-Joseph Bosio (after 1825) - Sculpture Style Restauration - Charles X
Ref : 69132
Period :
19th century
Artist :
B Bosio F
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
H. 14.96 inch
Sculpture  - Joan of Arc child, François-Joseph Bosio (after 1825)
Galerie Trebosc + van Lelyveld

European Sculpture

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Joan of Arc child, François-Joseph Bosio (after 1825)

François-Joseph Bosio was one of the best known sculptors of the First Empire and the Restoration. He was the portraitist of Napoleon then sculptor of the King. At the same time a member of the Academy and a professor at the School of Fine Arts, Bosio received many official orders and participated regularly in the Salon.

Bosio was one of the greatest neoclassical artists and remains famous for his portraits and mythological subjects such as the Hyacinth and the Nymph Salmacis (preserved at the Louvre Museum in Paris). However he met a great success with romantic works in the style "troubadour" especially with his Henri IV child.

The artist represents the French heroine of the Hundred Years Child War. His eyes are lifted to heaven which evokes his religious epiphany.
Indeed during her trial, Joan of Arc testified that her first vision took place when she was thirteen and that she saw St. Michael, St. Catherine and St. Margaret who told him to go and get the Dauphin and hunt the English enemy.
Bosio represents all his fervor, focusing on his very intense expression.

The signature "B Bosio F" allows us to date the work after 1825, when Bosio received the title of Baron King Charles X.

Galerie Trebosc + van Lelyveld


Marble Sculpture Restauration - Charles X