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Porcelain Chocolatière, Germany Würzburg 18th century

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Porcelain Chocolatière, Germany Würzburg 18th century

A hard paste porcelain Chocolatière from Würzburg in Franconia. With turned wooden handle. The body is decorated with small fire animated landscapes painted in purple shades. The top of the chocolate has a basketry decor in relief. A large hole is present in the lid to insert the foamer while four smaller allowed the attachment of a silver mount. Underside triangle mark "CGW" for "Caspar Geiger Würzburg". The productions of the porcelain factory of Wurzburg are very rare: it only existed from about 1775 to 1780. circa 1775 - 1780 State of conservation: broken lid reassembled

Period : 18th century

Antique dealer : Antiquités Bastian

Antiquités Bastian


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