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Terracotta relief fragment - Utrecht 2nd half 15th century.

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Terracotta relief fragment - Utrecht 2nd half 15th century.

An important fragment of a terra-cotta relief depicting two veiled female and two kneeling male characters in prayer in a cave. Presumably the relief depicted the Entombment of Christ. This type of reliefs and fragments are exceedingly rare as nearly all of them were completely destroyed during the Protestant Iconoclasm or so-called "Beeldenstorm" of 1566, whereby entire Catholic churches, chapels, abbeys and monasteries were destroyed or looted. Terra-cotta with remains of the original polychrome paint and gilding. Utrecht. 2nd half of the 15th century. Dimensions: height (with stand) [...]

Period : < 16th century

Antique dealer : Kim J. Nazzi

Kim J. Nazzi

<   16th century
Small gothic reliquary bust

3 800 €



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