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Jules Jacques Veyrassat (1828-1893) - Horses at the Trough

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Jules Jacques Veyrassat (1828-1893) - Horses at the Trough

Jules Jacques Veyrassat was born in 1828 in Paris. He trained for four years at the Ecole Royale gratuite de dessin most notably with Henri Lehmann (1814-1882), and Austin Besson (1815-1888). He pursued an internship at Ecouen with Pierre Edouard Frère (1819-1886). Veyrassat went through some financial difficulties, so to get past them he made several engravings to earn extra money. In 1848, at barely 20 years old, he exhibited at the Salon in Paris. The engravings he made in 1866 and 1869 earned him several medals. On September 6, 1870, he is elected member of the commission responsible for [...]

Period : 19th century

Antique dealer : Galerie Delvaille

Galerie Delvaille


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