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Hiuchi, Japanese lighter
Hiuchi, Japanese lighter - Asian Art & Antiques Style
Ref : 68748
2 500 €
Period :
18th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Iron, copper
Dimensions :
L. 1.77 inch
Asian Art & Antiques  - Hiuchi, Japanese lighter
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Japanese and Chinese Art

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Hiuchi, Japanese lighter

Hiuchi (lighter-netsuke).
An iron flintlock lighter, decorated with silver and suaka taka-zogan flowers
A ring allows them to be worn at the belt in the same way as a netsuke.
Flintlock technology was introduced in Japan during the 19th century, through the Rangaku discipline ("Dutch studies").
These lighters were produced in reduced quantities, and the most elaborate models were reserved for the daimyo .
Middle of Edo period

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