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Cook and dog - Antoine Jean BAIL (1830-1918)

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Cook and dog - Antoine Jean BAIL (1830-1918)

BAIL Antoine Jean Born on April 8, 1830 in Chasselau (Rhone). Death in 1918. 19-20 century French Painter of genre, landscapes, interiors, still lifes, engraver. Antoine Bail studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lyon. He began in the salon of this city, in 1854 with an Interior of Atelier. Criticism proved very favorable to this canvas, the skilful lighting of which was much praised. Subsequently, Bail painted lot of interiors. He painted also lot of still lifes, scenes of familiar life and some landscapes, but he is less successful in this latter genre. His numerous canvases were a great [...]

Period : 19th century

Antique dealer : Galerie Saint Martin

Galerie Saint Martin

19th century
Rare Silver Table Mirror

3 000 €

18th century
Mahogany Library, Directoire period

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