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Patronymic Nevers eathernware plate, circa 1793

Réf : 68300


Patronymic Nevers eathernware plate, circa 1793

Patronymic eathernware plate, decorated in polychromy with a bishop holding his stick, and the inscription « abdon.andré.grenge 1793 » Abdon is a very rare name, probably with hebraic origine. Christian, he became martyr in Rome during the 3rd century. His body was burried next to the Colyseum with an other martyr Sennen. Part of their relics are kept in Arles sur Tech (Roussillon), in a sarcophage. As a miracle this sarcophage filled with water and for more than 10 centuries never emptied. The use of this water cured a lot of people.

Period : 18th century

Antique dealer : Galerie Théorème

Galerie Théorème


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