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Fan circa 1720 - Rebecca at the well

Réf : 67870


Fan circa 1720 - Rebecca at the well

Fan folded type, the double leaf painted with gouache. The face of a large scene depicting the famous scene of Genesis, Eliezer meeting Rebecca. The reverse of a large bouquet of flowers, tied with a red ribbon and gold on a silver background. The ivory carved, reperce and polychrome frame of flowers, birds and insects. On both sides of the throat a young woman and a young man face each other. The strands and plumes are decorated with greek, this decoration being repeated on the edge of the bottom of the mount. The tops of the beaters are a young woman sitting in a flower basket on her lap. The original [...]

Period : 18th century

Antique dealer : Galerie Le Curieux

Galerie Le Curieux


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