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A 17th c. Augsburg hard stones inlaid cabinet

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A 17th c. Augsburg hard stones inlaid cabinet

This majestic cabinet with inlaid plates of paesine and hard stone and rosewood veneer opens with two large doors, six small and a large drawer. The columns in purple brocatelle marble with gilt wood Corinthian capitals highlight the architectural aspect of this cabinet highlighted by many moldings. Each drawer receives in the middle a plate of paesine surrounded by a black marble veneer, with brocatelle marble spandrels in a frame of yellow jasper. The doors adorned with large plates of paesine framed by yellow jasper, black marble, with ovals encrusted with green and red jasper and brocatelle; they are [...]

Period : 17th century

Antique dealer : Antiquités Promenade

Antiquités Promenade

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