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Virgin and child called "Mechelen doll" around 1530-1550

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Virgin and child called "Mechelen doll" around 1530-1550

Very beautiful Virgin with the child called "Mechelen doll" in carved walnut early 16th century. The Virgin has a round face, with a convex forehead and almond-shaped eyes. She is wearing a long wavy hair surmounted by a "bead wrapped trimmed with pearl". She is wearing a pleated dress with a deep neckline. Mary carries the baby Jesus on her right arm. This one is wearing a long tunic. The child gently clings to his mother's hair . This charming statuary group carries on the back the mark of the weapons of Malines with the three pals. The round, childish faces, the long curly hair worked with little tools [...]

Period : < 16th century

Antique dealer : Gérardin et Cie

Gérardin et Cie



<   16th century
Pieta 15th century

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