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Friedrich Egermann - lithyalin pair of vases

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Friedrich Egermann - lithyalin pair of vases

Lithyalin or hyalith pair of vases. Bohemia, circa 1832. Friedrich Egermann was the inventor of a richly colored type of colored glass with non-homogeneous parts (stripes, mottling) similar to natural semi-precious stones (marble, jasper, agate, etc.). In 1829 he obtained the imperial privilege for the invention of lithyalin glass. Egermann introduced his unique invention to the market in 1832, the red glass being nuanced by copper compounds and a triple firing. He began producing this red glass at his Haida industrial refinery. This allowed him to be recognized. He received the title of "privileged [...]

Period : 19th century

Antique dealer : Galerie Lamy Chabolle

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