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Polychrom painted wood coffin
Polychrom painted wood coffin - Ancient Art & Antiquities Style
Ref : 67373
6 000 €
Period :
16th century
Provenance :
German private collection,the Ruhr and C.Tautenhahn Collection,Houston,Texas,USA,formed prior to 198
Medium :
Stucced and painted wood
Dimensions :
H. 5.91 inch
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Ancient art, Antiquities

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Polychrom painted wood coffin

Polychrom painted wood coffin fragment with the remains of three columns of text above a man's hand offering a container with unguent,the central column reading""Amun Re King of the Gods,scribe of….."", the last column with ""hotep…""
Egypt, lllrd Intermediary Period, 1069-702 BC

Arteas Ltd

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