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Bust of young boy by Fernand CIAN

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Bust of young boy by Fernand CIAN

Terracota , bust of young boy In wig In the taste of the eighteenth century by Fernand Cian. Born in Carrara, the sculptor Fernando Ciancianaini, known as Fernand Cian, worked in Paris with Léo Laporte-Blairsy (1865-1923), and was a student of Alexandre Falguière (1831-1900). He exhibited eleven times at the Salon of French Artists from 1907 to 1928, with honorable mention in 1921. He develops a production of pastiches of busts of children in the style of the eighteenth century. He signs them with his artist's name or sometimes with his own name: this is the case for a bust of the Duc de Lesdiguières, found [...]

Period : 20th century

Antique dealer : Sérignan Antiquités

Sérignan Antiquités