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DONZEL Charles (1824-1889) -  Walk in Limousin
DONZEL Charles (1824-1889) -  Walk in Limousin - Paintings & Drawings Style Napoléon III DONZEL Charles (1824-1889) -  Walk in Limousin - DONZEL Charles (1824-1889) -  Walk in Limousin - Napoléon III Antiquités - DONZEL Charles (1824-1889) -  Walk in Limousin
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Period :
19th century
Artist :
DONZEL Charles ( 1824 / 1889 )
Provenance :
French private collection
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 17.32 inch X H. 12.01 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - DONZEL Charles (1824-1889) -  Walk in Limousin 19th century - DONZEL Charles (1824-1889) -  Walk in Limousin Napoléon III - DONZEL Charles (1824-1889) -  Walk in Limousin Antiquités - DONZEL Charles (1824-1889) -  Walk in Limousin
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DONZEL Charles (1824-1889) - Walk in Limousin

DONZEL Charles ( 1824 / 1889 )
Walk in Limousin.
Oil on canvas signed and dated 1889 lower left.
12 / 17,4 in
Original frame.
Museums : Limoges; Mulhouse, Niort, Troyes.
Charles Donzel is from Besançon. As a child, he entered successively the conservatory, the drawing school of Besançon then in the workshop of the master sculptor Clésinger; his mother, however, seems more supportive of music. After a promising start in the theater, he began a career as a violinist and became a laureate at the Conservatory of Music in Paris in 1855. His life of musician continues through France and Belgium alongside his wife, singer.
But at the death of his wife, Charles Donzel decides to withdraw from the world of theater and music: he reconverted himself in drawing and painting, areas in which he was probably initiated younger, but amateur, without ever really have had master. Very quickly, he makes a place in the school of 1830 and opens a Parisian workshop rue des Martyrs. Charles Donzel then travels a lot, between Bearn, Normandy and Auvergne, and participates in his first exhibition in 1855. Four years later, it is at the Paris Salon that the artist makes his first shipments, including views of the Haute- Vienna.
An unknown part of the life of Charles Donzel brings him to Bordeaux where he meets Adrien Dubouché with whom he befriends. It is the latter who introduces him into the Limousin society and his artists. This is how he "became a Limousin by right of hospitality" as Albert Guillemot points out.
From this meeting, Charles Donzel seems to devote himself fully to the sites of Limousin. He participates in the Society of Friends of the Arts of Limousin chaired by Adrien Dubouché. The artist is greeted by the critic Edouard Hervé.
From now on, Charles Donzel seems to be selling his paintings quite easily in the region. And later, always in contact with Adrien Dubouché, he embarked on a new adventure: that of porcelain painting, especially for the houses Pouyat and Ardant.
But Charles Donzel is also a painter and decorator. He began with the decoration of the Prefecture of Macon, before making one of his most beautiful works: the decoration of the living room of his friend Adrien Dubouché. He thus strives to compose five panels, painted in the style of Camille Corot, of which he is both friend and admirer.
He died on March 20, 1889, and on September 9, 1892, sold the 120 or so paintings and watercolors of his studio in the rue des Martyrs.

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