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An Empire clock, eary 19th century

Réf : 66589


An Empire clock, eary 19th century

Elegant clock, vase-shaped (escutcheon) in gilt bronze, surmounted by four pine cones and an armillary sphere, Empire period. Wire movement, revised in January 2018, sold with a 2-year warranty. A similar clock is illustrated on page 378 in "KJELLBERG Pierre, La pendule française, Paris, éditions de l'Amateur", 1997. Condition report: restored and revised in January 2018, movement completely dismantled. Backside window and springs are changed, and the balance is redone. The threading of the central rod of the sphere is changed. In a perfect condition.

Period : 19th century

Antique dealer : Igra Lignum

Igra Lignum