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Important Brussels tapestry 16th
Important Brussels tapestry 16th - Tapestry & Carpet Style Important Brussels tapestry 16th - Important Brussels tapestry 16th - Antiquités - Important Brussels tapestry 16th
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Period :
16th century
Medium :
Wool and silk
Dimensions :
l. 137.8 inch X H. 114.17 inch
Tapestry & Carpet  - Important Brussels tapestry 16th 16th century - Important Brussels tapestry 16th  - Important Brussels tapestry 16th Antiquités - Important Brussels tapestry 16th
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Important Brussels tapestry 16th

Importing historic tapestry of the factory of woolen weaved Brussels and silk: woolen chain and woolen wefts and silk.
Our tapestry in for register one of episode of King Cyrus,
Scenes pulled from Esther's book: "AINSSI SAYS CYRUS THE ROI OF PERSIA" the action takes place after the destruction of the first Temple of Jerusalem and the exile in Babylon. Half a century approximately after the victory of Nabuchodonosor, its empire falls to the hands of king Cyrus II of Persia. Although he authorized the return of the Jews in Judea, many keep living in Diaspora in the Persian Empire.
Esther is l of Benjamin's tribe, one of the two tribes which established Juda's kingdom before its destruction by the Babylonians and the deportations of the elite of the kingdom towards the provinces of the Persian Empire.

Esther lives at her uncle's Mardochée's who is a state employee to the palace of Persian king Assuérus to Chouchan (Suse). King has just rejected queen Vashti because she refused to appear at a banquet and he looks for a new wife. Mardochée decides to make Esther participate in the selection of the new queen. Esther is chosen and so becomes the new wife of Assuérus and queen of Persia. Secretary Haman (or Mercy) who is the son of Hamedata, descendant of Agag, king amalécite and hereditary enemy of the Jewish people, decide to exterminate all the Jews of the kingdom.
Esther is going to ask to king to cancel the decree of its Secretary. After a fast of three days, she appears at king to ask him the favor to accept her invitation to have dinner in her continuation with Haman. On the occasion of a second dinner, she informs king of her religion and the decree Haman on the elimination of the Jews of the kingdom. She obtains from king the right for the Jews to defend itself when they are attacked and according to certain papers, king in a concern of justice goes as far as making execute his Prime Minister to have almost to harm a lot inhabitants of his empire.
Esther is seen as an instrument of God's will to prevent the destruction of the Jewish people, protect them and assure them the peace during their exile Babylon.

Our house assures you a well cleaned tapestry, in good condition with its system of fixation. If it be to be necessary, we shall specify you the works which were made.

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