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Three-case Inro
Three-case Inro - Asian Art & Antiques Style Three-case Inro - Three-case Inro - Antiquités - Three-case Inro
Ref : 66056
1 650 €
Period :
19th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Wood Lacquer & mother of pearl
Asian Art & Antiques  - Three-case Inro 19th century - Three-case Inro  - Three-case Inro
Galerie Tora Tori

Asian Antiques and Asian Art

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Three-case Inro

On base of gold lacquered fundamé it is decorated with a budding plum encrustations of mother-of-pearl aogai and mitsuda. Netsuke in ivory of a kobeshimi mask with seal of the artist on the back.

Galerie Tora Tori

19th century
Rare and Imposing Hibachi (Brasero)

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