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Armando BRASINI  (1879 – 1965) - The Monumental Baths
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8 000 €
Period :
20th century
Dimensions :
L. 29.72 inch X l. 35.43 inch
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Armando BRASINI (1879 – 1965) - The Monumental Baths

(Rome 1879 – 1965)
The Monumental Baths

Black chalk, green and blue watercolour with white tempera highlights, 755 x 900 mm

The drawing shown here is a design for monumental baths with an astonishing impact by virtue both of their size and of their shape. The baths are introduced by a huge, gushing fountain in a central position. In the lower part we see a flight of steps disappearing behind the waterfall, while to its left there is a structural block made of large slabs of stone that turn, on the outside, into sculptures representing respectively the prow of a ship, a dragon's tail and a pair of angels with trumpets. Small jets of water spurt from several points on the lower block to fill the basins below. Latin inscriptions can be made out on some of the blocks of stone placed at the four corners of the base of the arch and on its last register. The block of stone on the left bears the head of an ancient statue in the foreground and an amphora concealed by plants. Grooved columns adorned with Corinthian capitals support an architrave which merges with the rest of the structure and which is highly reminiscent of ancient Rome, as indeed are the sculptures on horseback. The top of baths is dominated by a statue of liberty holding a parchment in her left hand and a torch in her right while her foot rests on an orb set at the extremity of the base, above the corner with the full-frontal face on which an inscription is visible. The statue's head is crowned with an eight-point crown reminiscent of the sun's rays.
The composition includes a monument to Dante behind the baths in the far distance on the right, while on the left the city stretches out along the foot of a hill, ending in a long line of cypress trees that mark its boundary.

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