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Luigi VALADIER and Francesco RIGHETTI - Project for a dessert
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Period :
18th century
Dimensions :
L. 18.31 inch X l. 27.17 inch
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Luigi VALADIER and Francesco RIGHETTI - Project for a dessert

Luigi VALADIER and Francesco RIGHETTI
(1726-1785) (1749 – 1819)

Project for a dessert, 1790 ca.

Pencil, black ink and watercolor, cm. 46,5 x 69

This clear watercolour is a project for a dessert decorated with female figures, and bearing in the middle a rostral column with eagles at the base and a “Muse” balanced on the globe representing World Harmony at the top. It was planned by Luigi Valadier, even if it was probably realized by his pupil Francesco Righetti.
The drawing is characterized by an accurate geometric layout and portrays tragic masks, swans, lions and most of all griffons that make precious both pillars at the extremities and the core of the dessert, showing the admirable continuity of artistic style promoted by Piranesi and often used in candelabras and desserts. It is possible to see some different elements: the two side-pillars are Capodimonte-style, whereas Muses – like “Polymnia” wound by a shawl and wreathed with roses, “Melpomene” holding a mask in her hand, “Euterpe” with a flute and a cithara – were realized in biscuit by Filippo Tagliolini, director of Real Fabbrica Ferdinandea. The theatrical background is intrigiung, with “Calliope”, marked by a book, writing on papyri, “Clio” absorbed in thought, wreathed with laurel, “Terpsichore” with a plectrum, “Urania” symbolizing astronomy, “Thalia” who embodies comedy and “Erato” erotic poetry: they are all women thoughtful and absorbed, sit down or standing, depicted with great sculpture skill.. The dessert was plausibly realized to celebrate a painter and literary woman, fond of poetry and friend of distinguished people: Swiss Angelica Kauffmann, whose friendship with Maria Carolina d’Asburgo is sure; especially as in 1782 she spent the summer in Naples, host at Palazzo Francavilla where she made royal family members’ “Portrait”, that reveals a large number of links with the almost contemporary group in biscuit made by Tagliolini

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