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Very Finely Made German Box
Very Finely Made German Box - Decorative Objects Style Very Finely Made German Box -
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Period :
18th century
Medium :
Fruitwood veneered with walnut, tulipwood, bois teinté, bois de violette; brass
Dimensions :
l. 8.66 inch X H. 5.12 inch X P. 5.12 inch
Decorative Objects  - Very Finely Made German Box
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Very Finely Made German Box

A small German sarcophagus shaped box with an unsurpassed marquetry of geometrical and flower motifs. The oblong box rests on four curved feet that are lined with brass. The outline of the box is emphasized by brass piping around the widest part and directly over the plinth. At the top of the lid this piping is repeated twice, thus creating an architectural character.

On all four sides, the marquetry consists of a central pane, mimicking wicker-work, framed by a plain narrow ribbon in a lighter color and a wider band of walnut. The frame is decorated with a garland of very fine leaf and flower motifs loosely winding around it.

The vaulted lid, that looks a bit like the roof of a pagoda, is decorated with similar marquetry. The flower decorations on the lower concave part of the lid run seamlessly around the corner, which is rarely seen. The top part of the lid is decorated with abundant flower motifs within a frame of violet wood. The lid has a simple but refined brass handle.

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