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A 17th Century Rosewood Cabinet Augsburg or Venice

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A 17th Century Rosewood Cabinet Augsburg or Venice

Cabinet with ivory decorations of the 17th century Very richly decorated cabinet, rosewood veneer and ivory decorations. The flap is illustrated by the legend of Perseus and Andromeda (we see Andromeda, daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopea, attached to a rock waiting to be devoured by a sea monster. At the top, we see Perseus basing on him to kill him.On the right are the walls of Philistia. It opens on a row of 8 drawers, and a central drawer. Scenery of fantastic birds, grotesques, masks, flowers and fruits, terms. Illegible central coat of arms on the top. The handles are lion-faced holding a ring with [...]

Period : 17th century

Antique dealer : La Crédence

La Crédence



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