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Bunch of flowers with an opaline vase signed  Revol  ( 1815-1872)
Ref : 64094
Period :
19th century
Artist :
Claude Louis Marie REVOL (1815-1872)
Dimensions :
l. 22.44 inch X H. 28.74 inch
Galerie Philippe Delpierre

Furniture and Works of Art from the 17th, 18th and early 19th century

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Bunch of flowers with an opaline vase signed Revol ( 1815-1872)

Oil on canvas signed lower left

Competing with nature is an exercise that many painters have sacrificed since Zeuxis.
This still life, heir to 18th century painters like Valayer-Coster, Chardin, Jeaurat de Bertry. This specialty, placed in 1667 by Félibien at the bottom of the hierarchy of paintings "things dead and without movement", becomes in the 18th century under the pen of Diderot when he comments on the Salon the painting of "the inanimate nature". It is in 1756 with the success of Chardin that appears the new term of "still life".
In the 19th century, a school will specialize in the painting of flowers, Lyon becomes the capital of floral design. Indeed, one of the aims of the School of Fine Arts is to train artists whose taste and talent are essentially devoted to the manufacturing of silk fabrics.
We take care to train the young decorator for three years before being able to integrate it into Fleur's class.

Claude Louis Marie REVOL (Lyon 1815 - Lyon 1872)

The LYON Academy

Authorized by letter patent of the King in 1724, the Academy of Lyon is under the protection of Marshal Villeroy. Although not affiliated with any of the two academies of Paris, it had more than any other provincial academy relations with all the most famous scholars and scholars.
The founders of the Lyon Academy were seven, including Brossette, Father Bonnet, Father Fellon, Fathers Vitry, Beraud and Colonia, and the number grew to forty in 1758. There were many artists from Lyon: Stella, Coysevox, Coustou, Jean-Jacques de Boissieu. At the time of the Revolution, the academy was dissolved and decimated.
It resumes two years later and remains in continuation of the previous one.
The fine arts section is very rich in talented men like the painters Richard, Revoil, Bonnefond, Flandrin, Revol, for the sculpture Chinard, Bonnet, Bonnassieux.
From 1828 the official place of the meetings of this academy is at the Palais Saint Pierre;
The Academy of Lyon has the triple denomination of Academy of Fine Arts, Sciences and Letters.

Galerie Philippe Delpierre


19th Century Oil Painting