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Bureau plat Louis XV period
Bureau plat Louis XV period - Furniture Style Louis XV Bureau plat Louis XV period -
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Period :
18th century
Dimensions :
L. 41.73 inch X l. 0 inch X H. 28.35 inch X P. 21.65 inch
Furniture  - Bureau plat Louis XV period 18th century - Bureau plat Louis XV period
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Bureau plat Louis XV period

This bureau plat is veneered on all sides with rosewood frames with violet wood and boxwood filets. We find the rosewood on the periphery of the plate surrounding a garnet leather. The belt opens with three drawers, the center drawer is flanked by two bronze clips.
Chutes and ormolu sabots.

This bureau plat has the distinction of having small dimensions making it a bureau plat of a lady.
Historically, this piece appears in the early eighteenth century. Heir to the bureau Mazarin, he keeps one time the boxes with side drawers and a flight of two four feet. So is it not uncommon to see continue on some Regency period bureau plat such an architecture. Yet this period date the first ever archetypes, namely a rectangular top on four legs and whose belt has three drawers, the center back. This tripartite division is also a constant, highlighted by the decorative bronze. With Louis XV's reign and the rococo, the model becomes more curves. Until then rigorously geometric, the tray chantourne and with him the belt, which reproduces readily on the other three drawer fronts sham. The middle is also into the spirit and aligns the other two. Scrolled feet, leather table starts to color and scenery are more varied. Natural wood veneer gives way to marquetry, extreme-oriental lacquer or porcelain plates for the most successful pieces.

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