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Rare Famille Rose Faience Plate - Holic, ca. 1760

Réf : 63781


Rare Famille Rose Faience Plate - Holic, ca. 1760

Deep plate of circular form. The design is a rough transcription of that on a Chinese export famille rose plate, having in the centre a pink peony spray and, set round the cavetto, three sprays of flowering prunus in yellow and brownish-red; as well as other pink floral sprays. All these are enclosed within an irregular pointed, gilt-outlined frame resembling the Chinese leaf pattern, which, through the filling-in of the remainder of the rim as a 'birdseye' ground in brown is made to appear in reserve. Very thin plate of earthenware covered with a tin glaze and painted in enamel colours and gilding. On [...]

Period : 18th century

Antique dealer : Kunsthandel Daniel Cremene

Kunsthandel Daniel Cremene


Porcelain & Faience