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Madonna And Child carved wood around 1500-1520

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Madonna And Child carved wood around 1500-1520

Very beautiful group in wood carved and polychromed around 1500-1520 which represents the "Virgin with the child". The Virgin stands in a motion. It rests on a crescent moon (symbol of the power of Mary on earthly events) Mary holds Jesus tenderly wrapped in her arms. The child has charming curls that surround her baby's face. The Virgin has almond eyes. She is wearing a long hair with wavy locks. She is dressed in a red dress belted at the waist as well as a blue and golden coat. The sculpture is delicate on the face. The attitudes of the characters are tender. This beautiful sculpture from the end of [...]

Period : < 16th century

Antique dealer : Gérardin et Cie

Gérardin et Cie



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